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Linux, OpenBSD, Windows Server Comparison: The Widows Architecture Is Unreliable

Is there something inherent in Windows design that accounts for its extreme lack of stability compared to UNIX systems? The answer is yes. There are three fundamental, deliberate design related characteristics that account for most Windows reliability problems. Given their basic and obvious nature, I find it difficult to believe that Microsoft did not know these choices would have predictable adverse effects on stability and reliability, when the design decisions were made. First is the Windows registry. The incredibly confused directory structure that Windows uses is probably second because of its adverse impact on system recovery. Third is that all system management functions are contained in large complex GUI programs with no command line counterparts containing full and identical functionality. Even if Microsoft had designed the basic architectural characteristics to emphasis stability and reliability rather than other priorities, there is still the matter that Windows is a large complex and rapidly changing system which would insure the existence of many problems.

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