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If you are interested in learning about online privacy, the Electronic Information Privacy Center ( is a good place to start. See their privacy page and their Online Guide to Privacy Resources. The Electronic Frontier Foundation ( ) is also very active in the online privacy area.

Standard web use logs are maintained. We may analyze these to understand use and traffic patterns on the web site and help develop the site. We may analyze the first page request, subsequent pages requests, i.e., paths through the site, how many pages are requested, and the intervals between page requests, how long typical "visits" may last, and other aggregate visitor patterns. We may analyze referrer URLs, to determine what outside resources lead visitors to this site (e.g. searches or links). We have no plans or expectations of attempting to match any activity on the web site with any user behavior on other web sites or elsewhere on the Internet, or to identify any individual site users.

Web logs do contain IP addresses. With the cooperation of a visitor's ISP, these may be used to identify an individual. We reserve the right to take any legal steps to identify, and protect ourselves from, anyone who in anyway interferes with our ability to freely serve our web pages. This includes, but is not limited to, automated page retrieval or any other activity prohibited in our Terms of Use, Denial of Service attacks, or webpage defacement.

Logs are maintained indefinitely. This allows us to understand long term use trends, not just overall site useage and what is popular on the site, but also what browsers and operating systems access this site and trends regarding these. We may also determine trends related to regions and countries that access this site; we have always had a large percent of non U.S. visitors.

All web sites that collect personal information from their visitors or customers should have an explicit privacy policy informing the visitors of what information is collected, how such information will be used, give visitors or customers the opportunity to review and correct information about themselves, and allow the visitors to easily opt into or out of any program which does or does not meet their needs. At this time we do not collect personal information from our visitors. If we ever do, we will develop and post a privacy policy that covers the use of that information.

"We do not use cookies." Just under three weeks after I added this statement to this page (Sept. 14, 2006) I learned, however, that the ads by the really big search engine company, that were briefly displayed on this site did result in the placement of a cookie on on a vistor's computer, if they clicked on an ad. That was a significant contributing factor in the removal of these ads from this site.

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