Structured Arbitrary Passwords

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Zexw!7Muy	  Con8.Xgez	  Gzuy22Bew	  Taf7vjup	  bef>3Tap	  Lreq39Lij	  
tonx~9Baln	  Hux31Vteqp	  hab4~Rer	  Mov30Wfeq	  

Use Refresh/Reload to see more. Don't use these passwords. Instead, view the free open source original command line version, or this web version; then save it to disk and run it locally or install this in your website. It requires Perl 5. Other patterns: State Department style, better, still better, strong, stronger, hard, easy. There are over one million "easy" passwords. Change options below to vary the difficulty of the displayed passwords.

How many passwords?
Base password length (may vary by -1 to +2)?
Add extra consonants? (0, 1, or 2)
First letter upper case? (0 or 1)
Mixed case? (0 or 1)
Symbol Odds? (0 to 10)
Display accross? (0 or 1)

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