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Good and Bad Password How-To References


  1. Bobby, Paul, "Password Cracking Using Focused Dictionaries", July 16, 2000, was originally found at but a PDF as originally formatted is available at

  2. Feldmeier, David C., Karn, Philip R. "UNIX Password Security Ten Years Later", 1990, can be downloaded as a PDF or PS from

  3. John the Ripper: Password Cracker, home page,

  4. Klein, Daniel V., " "Foiling the cracker": A survey of, and Improvements to, Password Security", Feb 22, 1991, is available in PDF from and locally as a PDF or PS.
    The actual dictionaries used by Daniel Klein are no longer available at but are available here.

  5. L0phtCrack, password auditing for windows NT, home page, seems to move around. I last found it at
    LC5, the latest commercial version (late 2006) can be found at

  6. Muffet, Alec, Crack v5.0a, FAQ, I don't believe anyone is maintaining Crack anymore. This next appears obsolete.
    Alec Muffet's current home page appears to be

  7. Thompson, Ken & Morris, Robert, "Password Security: A Case History", 1978, revised 1979,

  8. Johnathan Graham, "Security as a Maintenance Process," 2005 Power Point presentaion is no longer available at its original location
    but is available in the Internet Archive at

  9. Niels Provos and David Mazieres, A Future-Adaptable Password Scheme, 1999, paper presented at Usenix conference

  10. Openwall (Solar Designer & Simon Marechal), "Password security: past, present, future," 2012, a MagicPoint presentation also available from this link in PDF.
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