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GeodSoft, LLC

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Alternative Design from 5/23/00 Preserved

George Shaffer, the principal of GeodSoft, LLC, has 17 years of programming, system design, analysis, and computer management experience, including 4 years of web development and management on NT and Sun systems. Current projects include web design, development and back end database/web integration for large associations. He is also working on a book, Guide to Building an Association Web Site, parts of which are available on this site. Prior to computers he worked as a freelance illustrator. In addition to a B.A. he has a two year Commercial Arts degree and an award winning academic art history with four years of college level arts courses. Learn more about GeodSoft, LLC and George Shaffer in About Us.

Site Not Finished or Public Yet

Please keep in mind that this site is not finished yet and that if you are seeing this you are one of a few friends or professional associates that I have told about this site, in the hopes of obtaining constructive feedback before going live in early June, 2000. To see what's been worked recently, check What's New which I've kept updated whenever I've made any publicly visible changes.

At this point I have a site design and navigational structure in place. I have just completed (5/9/00) a powerful site maintenance script that applies all the standard page features and varies the buttons, site map and platform specific elements based on the context of the current page. All pages have been standardized on a tentative final design but any changes that I choose to make can be propagated throughout the site in less than a minute.

Recently I've been focusing on the About GeodSoft area, Making This Site. This section is complete to this point but will grow as the site grows. I'll continue work on this section as appropriate, but be focusing more on written content in the near future. What's New page gives a capsule summary day by day of what's been worked on. In the About Us area, the description of ATLA's web site is about 1/3 complete and will be my next primary area to work on. The Book and Cascading Style Sheet sections merely describe what is to come.When the site nears going live, the content on this home page after the paragraph resume will be replaced by a comment/feedback form. Except for additional background explanation the Sample Site area is finished and the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy areas are near completion, at least until conditions change.

Following the ATLA web site history I will probably finish the commentary sections of the sample site and then work on the style sheet section including the test page with its various conclusions and explain the extent that cascading style sheets (CSS) are being used on this site. Adapting some of the more complete chapters of the book to the book section will likely follow.

Someplace in here will be providing a functional search capability. I had thought searching was going to be trivial since I already had it working on my NT 4, IIS4 server which I planned to use for this site. First Index Server did not recognize the new GeodSoft virtual site and now it sees that site instead of default site in which I keep all my online documentation and which is a key working tool for me. This change was apparently spontaneous as I had made no IIS setup changes that should have affected this and certainly no Index Server setup changes for more than a week prior to when the change occurred. These recent NT server problems, described in detail in the Making this Site section are pushing me very close to permanently abandoning any and all Microsoft server products. Baring unexpected developments I expect that either of the BSD or Linux machine will host my first live site.

Later a user response form and database to hold this information plus visitor information voluntarily provided with such responses are planned. At the same time I will develop a suitable privacy policy.

Long term, I hope to return to my XML and Java explorations and hope that XML will provided an automated method for keeping web and print versions of the book in sync. Some form of forum for user response and idea exchange related to the ideas and opinions expressed in the book and other commentary on this site is also a long term possibility.

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