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Password Instructions for Password Evaluator
NEW SETTINGS for minimum 15 character passwords: use the originial settings for 6 character passwords or try the suggested settings for 12 character passwords.
      Check Passwords for Systems Using LM Hashes
                  (Pre Vista Windows and Other Systems)
Minumum Password Length
Minumum Dictionary Word Length
Maximum Dictionary Word Length
Maximum Dictionary Words
Maximum Word Length Ratio
Maximum Character Occurances (count > 1, ratio < 1)
Minimum Duplicate or Mirrorred Sequence Length   (")
Maximum Sequence Characters   (")
Maximum Repeat Characters   (")
Maximum 2 Character Pattern Repeats   (")
Maximum 3 Character Pattern Repeats   (")
Maximum 4 Character Pattern Repeats   (")
Maximum Vowels Only   (")
Maximum Consonants Only   (")
Maximum Digit Ratio for Full Strength Estimate
      Do Not Allow All Digits
      Do Not Allow Phone Numbers
      Do Not Allow Dates
      Do Not Allow Social Security Numbers
      Check Words Across Non Letters
Additional Minimum Word Length when
          checking words across non letters

Maximum Suffix Word Length Ratio

WARNING: Using Password Checker with actual passwords indicates that you trust this web site and plain text transmission over the Internet. One way to reduce possible risks, besides avoiding any current real passwords altogether, would be to change each digit to a different digit and each punctuation or symbol to a different punctuation or symbol. This will yield a password of approximately the same strength and still allow the letters to be compared against the dictionary, including the many variations and permutations that are checked. If you have repeating or sequential digits, replace them with different repeating or sequential digits. If there are multiple puntuation or symbols together, changing these could create or remove a sequence which may be obscure to human eyes but not a password cracking tool. Examples: keboard sequence ("$%^"); ASCII collating sequence ("]^_"). The parentheses and quotes are not part of the sequences.

The very strict default settings originally used by Password Evaluator/Checker have been relaxed to settings appropriate to long passwords (15 characters and longer). If you are checking short passwords, you should select the settings for 6 character passwords for any password less than 12 characters, or those for 12 character passwords for 12 to 14 character passwords. The original defaults were designed to identify any non random multi character components: words, repeats, sequences, and well known patterns that can aid a cracker. These can be very important in passwords up to 8 characters, but as the passwords become longer, such components become less important. As the new Words Only component of the Passwor Generator shows, good passwords can be made from several "predictable" pieces. The only way to get useful evaluations of such passwords, using Password Evaluator, is to set the minimum dictionary word lenght to 6 or 7 and the maximum to 10 or larger. This will stop the password checker from identifing the multiple short words we know to be present, and allow it to possibly find an obscure long word that is hard to see, and which makes the password a poor password. In this case allowed dictionary words should be reduced from 1 to 0.

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