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Association Security Needs Are Not Like Banks

Few if any associations will require security as rigorous as that of a bank or other financial institution. Because the bank controls access to one of the customer's most valuable assets, it will almost certainly take as many precautions as necessary to insure a high level of security. By their very nature, few traditional businesses are as security conscious as banks and it's natural for banks to carry this security awareness into new areas.

Because of the extreme sensitivity of the bank customer's information, the bank will go to the expense of establishing an elaborate and secure system. Further, the customer will accept and even expect such measures because he or she wouldn't want to risk their bank account information being compromised. Also they have the same methods they've been using for years to accomplish those things they might do via online banking.

On the other hand, users of other online services are prone to believe the only security issue is the encryption of their credit card information. Convenience is a significant motivation for many online users. Association members may wait until they actually need something that they believe the association has online before attempting to retrieve it. Such persons will have little patience for multi step procedures that include significant delays. Impediments to the rapid completion of the tasks they are trying to perform will cause some number of them to turn to alternative methods of accomplishing their goals.

Thus in some ways, non financial institutions have a more difficult time implementing adequate security systems. Though their security needs are less than those of financial institutions, they are still significant but they need to be implemented in ways that are almost transparent to users.

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