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I have been working on a book with the above title, off and on since the end of 1999. My original plan was to write a conventional book then use XML to re-purpose its content for the web. The web sites have proven so time consuming that work on both the book and XML has been languishing.

To prevent the parts that already had the most work from becoming obsolete before they ever had public exposure, I've decided to start putting book contents online. I'll be putting up those sections that are the most finished whether they are a complete chapter or just a single section that stands on its own.

Since the project is organized like a book and I still hope to turn it into a conventional book, I'll continue to refer to it as such. After converting the existing content from WordPerfect to HTML, further development will be done in HTML. As my HTML is usually syntactically correct, I should be able to write Perl scripts to turn it into XML if I can't find a ready made tool to do the job.

I'm including a complete, current Table of Contents with those sections that are ready for public view, shown with links. Planned and unfinished sections will not be linked.

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