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Unauthorized use of web bots has dramatically increased our hosting costs. Only public search engines are allowed to use automated retrieval tools on this site. Automated access includes browser prefetch addons, such as Firefox's Fasterfox. Use of automated retrieval tools or any other violations of our Unauthorized Use Policy may cause you to loose access to this site. I make zero cents from this site and have no obligation to provide any access to anyone who does not abide by my rules.

You may be blocked from seeing because your browser is supplying no user agent or an invalid user agent. The only thing that we ask of our users is that in return for the information we provide to you, you allow us to know what kind of operating system and browser or other access technology you use to access this information. Privacy concerns are why Google Ads were removed from this site. We feel strongly about privacy, but completely fail to understand how revealing your web browsing technology reveals anything about you personally. We also fail to see any meaningful security implications regarding revealing your browsing technology.

If you have not engaged in prohibited activities you may contact me if you fix my email address:

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Provide your IP address, or if you are on dial up access, the range of IP numbers from which yours is assigned. Email me from your real ISP's email account. I will ignore any mail from Gmail or any other free service. If your IP, email headers, or ISP are not consistent I will ignore your email.

If your email appears authentic, I will look into the situation. If appropriate, I will try to restore your access, but make no assurances. If your IP is blocked, someone else in the same netblock may have caused the problem. You may suffer for someone else's behavior. (Blocked ISPs: UK:VirginiaMedia/NTL-thank your ISP; Amsterdam-Customer-Cable; Spain(ES): I2CAT-NET)

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